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M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

If you have a passion for leading and facilitating improvements in student achievement and teacher performance, Loyola's fully online graduate program in Educational Leadership is the right fit for you. A unique blend of theory, practical hands-on application, and one-on-one coaching, our program is ideal for experienced teachers and school professionals who want to make a difference on a larger scale with a focus on social justice and trauma-informed leadership.

With small class sizes, a dynamic instructional staff, and a curriculum that is comprehensive and innovative, the program successfully fuses theoretical principles with a pragmatic, real world understanding of the contemporary context. Join us and become a Loyola Educational Leader—or compete with one. 

Program Options

  • Credits: 39
  • Delivery: 100% Online
  • Next Admission Term: Fall 2024
  • Class Duration: 8 weeks
  • Format: Full-time or Part-time
  • Time of Completion: As little as 2 years*
  • Tuition Information

*Up to 5 years to complete

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership provides you with the conceptual tools and professional preparation to become an accomplished school leader. This 39-credit hour program includes a six-credit internship experience. Learn more about the M.Ed. curriculum.

Program Advantages

  • You receive a master's degree and Administrator 1 licensure eligibility.
  • Our program is MSDE approved, aligned with the current Maryland Blueprint.
  • Part-time and accelerated pathways to the degree are offered.
  • Our program format offers a fully online option.
  • Hands-on, one-on-one coaching from instructors - all professors in the program are current or former school principals, associate superintendents, and superintendents.
  • You will complete a full year internship to apply organizational and instructional leadership skills within the social justice frameworks.
  • Students who have a master's degree are eligible to complete our Post-Master Certificate in Administration and Supervision only (21 credits).

Licensure Eligibility

Participation provides eligibility to obtain Administrator I (assistant in administration, supervisor in instruction, or supervisor in central administration) endorsement. Students seeking Administrator II (school principal) endorsement must obtain Administrator I and successfully complete the School Leaders Licensure Assessment exam. Our programs are state approved and nationally accredited.

Loyola University Maryland's program is aligned to the code of regulations as identified by the Maryland State Department of Education. Participants must have 27 months of satisfactory teaching performance on a professional license or satisfactory performance as a certified specialist and provide proof of the successful completion of a 3-credit special education course.

The educational leadership program at Loyola is unique because it taught me from my very first class that it’s people over programs. Professors taught us that if you want to create a school community, you must make sure that you hit the heart of the adults in the building.
When I think about the educational leadership program at Loyola, I think pedagogy perfection— because there is this perfect harmonious blend of theoretical applications for leadership with the real-life application through the internship experience.

Leadership Preparation with a Rigorous, Personal Approach

Loyola faculty are committed to forming genuine relationships with their students, so that they may serve as true mentors and colleagues throughout your program—and beyond graduation. Program instructors are all current or former school principals, associate superintendents, and superintendents who offer a balance of theory and practice. We are ready to work with you personally to help you explore and tailor your goals and advance your career to the next level.

Our Jesuit liberal arts heritage powerfully enhances any course of study, ensuring a values-based approach to our programs, as well as a high level of academic and professional rigor and quality. You will be a part of a highly active and influential Loyola community—including a graduate alumni network 30,000 strong—providing the opportunity to build a diverse professional network, expand your community, and enrich your personal life.


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