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STEM Teaching & Pathways

STEM educators teaching math and helping students with robots

Why Teach?

Students often report feeling a calling to teach—to inspire and educate young minds, make a difference in their communities, and fuel positive social change. There is a sense of meaning, excitement, and joy that comes with the field naturally.

But that’s not all to this career path. Teachers and educators benefit from a field that is growing in demand and, in fact, in critical demand in STEM subject areas as well as overall in cities like Loyola’s local Baltimore, Md. The field also boasts incredible career benefits—such as work/life balance, continuing education and professional development, mid-career salary potential, retirement benefits, time off, loan forgiveness, opportunities for supplemental income, and many more.

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STEM Education Pathways

Applicants interested in a STEM Education Teacher Certification program must have a major or 27-30 credits in the following certification areas. We offer certification in grades 7-12 in the following STEM subject areas:

National Science Foundation Logo  Loyola’s CREST Scholars Program is supported by the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program