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Faith and Spiritual Life

Explore, seek, question, deepen, and nurture your spiritual growth—whether a long-standing faith tradition or budding beliefs

Faith is as important and as central to the Loyola experience as each student wants it to be. Loyola is a Jesuit university that provides deep and meaningful development of the Catholic faith by offering students opportunities for worship, shared prayer, community building, reflection, and service. From daily Mass in Alumni Memorial Chapel to liturgical events and retreats, students are challenged to seek God in all things. However, you don't have to be Catholic to enjoy the many benefits of a Jesuit education. Loyola welcomes a diverse population of students from many backgrounds, and all Loyola students have the opportunity to be supported in their spiritual development, regardless of their faith.

Campus Ministry
Rooted in the Ignatian tradition, Campus Ministry offers opportunities to pray, reflect, discern and connect with our Loyola community.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
A non-denominational Christian group that offers weekly Bible study meetings as well as a community for musical worship.
The Heart of Zen Meditation
A group that meets weekly to practice the twin Buddhist virtues of wisdom and compassion—and participants are more than welcome to interpret the practice and these virtues in terms of their own faith or worldview.
Local Houses of Worship
Options a short distance from Loyola's campus allow students to expand their community and foster a deeper sense of self and others.

Faith in the Process

Loyola creates inclusive spaces and opportunities for worship and spiritual development for students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds. Our diverse community of faculty, staff, and administrators represent and practice faith traditions from around the world, so no matter how you self-identify, you’ll feel welcomed and find community at Loyola.

A student perspective on faith at Loyola

A student reflects on how spiritual development is fostered at Loyola as Greyhounds engage with and explore diverse faith traditions.

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Students sitting during a worship service, with candles lit to the left of them