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School of Education Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants provide research, instructional, and administrative support to Loyola's faculty and administration. Most spend between seven and 15 hours per week in their assistantship or fellowship role and devote the remainder of their time to their academic pursuits. This combination of service, study, research, and teaching (when applicable) constitutes a full-time commitment. Assistantships and fellowships are competitive positions that are highly sought after. They present a rewarding opportunity for you to participate in a vibrant academic community.

Loyola offers a number of assistantships to new and continuing graduate students in a wide range of professional areas. Each opportunity provides a stipend for which you will be remunerated bi-weekly, and a scholarship which is applied at the start of your assistantship contract. This combination of stipend and scholarship is typically split 50/50 to provide you the greatest pre-tax benefit.

Only those graduate students who are in a degree seeking program are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship.

Assistantships become available at the end of the current term as students holding positions complete their

Positions and Descriptions

Teacher Education and Education Specialties Department
Hours & Wages 100 hours/semester
$15.26/hour (50% stipend, 50% scholarship)
Qualifications Must be a graduate degree seeking student in good standing at Loyola College. Must be enrolled in one graduate course for each assistantship received during the semester in which the assistantship is awarded. Additional specific qualifications determined by the needs of each appointment (e.g., knowledge of SPSS, Excel, Lexus/Nexus, etc.).

Graduate Assistantship slots are requested each semester by departmental faculty who need assistance with specific research for teaching. The Chair reviews the proposal and approves the assistantship. An individual graduate student is eligible to hold two assistantships simultaneously, provided he/she is enrolled in two courses for the semester in question.

Examples of approved projects include data collection for specific research projects, library research, data analysis, manuscript preparation, Powerpoint development for classroom use or research presentation, program manual preparation, and database maintenance. Faculty identify the need using the standard college form and identify a graduate student who has the skills to complete the position. Individual faculty are responsible for assigning specific duties and monitoring performance.

Contact Information 
School Counseling - Career Center
Hours and Wages 300 hours over an academic year, 150 hours each semester
Qualifications Must be a graduate degree seeking student in the School Counseling program at Loyola University Maryland.
Responsibilities The Career Center as part of the Career Exploration team administering individual and group career counseling and discernment sessions. Graduate Assistants will have a thorough understanding of basic resume construction in order to assist students in the beginning stages of conceptualizing their skills and articulating their experiences and will work directly with students to facilitate the process of discovering, exploring, and understanding their interests, values, and talents. Graduate Assistants will take part in weekly one-on-one supervision, as well as Career Exploration Counselor team meetings.
Contact Information Candidates must be enrolled in the School Counseling Masters program and have completed the Theories and Techniques classes. Candidates must have strong communication skills, a strong work ethic, and have the ability to work well on a team and independently. Interested candidates should apply by sending a resume and cover letter to Eileen Hiebler at

How to Apply

Please send the graduate assistantship application and the supplemental documents to appropriate contact person.