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Service and Social Justice

Connecting campus and community for a more just and equitable world 

Service and justice are integral to the Loyola experience, because we believe they are a fundamental part of the Jesuit tradition and approach to education that shape the way in which we interact within our campus community, with the community of Baltimore, and with the world at large.

As Jesuit educators, students, and more importantly, as human beings, we have a responsibility to offer hope, access, and equity to all people—and to stand up for those whose voices wouldn’t be heard otherwise. That’s why, at Loyola, service to others and community engagement are knitted into the fabric of student life—from classroom projects and spring break outreach trips that serve a specific community or cause… to weekly, monthly, or one-time volunteering opportunities in the Baltimore area and beyond. 

Students doing yard-work in a yard
Students picking up trash in a stream and placing it in a bag

Loyola’s Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ) engages students, faculty, alumni, and the broader Loyola community in education through service for a just and equitable world. CCSJ offers connections to and partnership with organizations and programs that will match you with your interests, experience, and availability to serve.  

There are a multitude of reasons to get involved in service. Some people serve for humanitarian purposes, some are motivated by their faith, and some serve because it’s part of their coursework. In fact, 80 percent of students participate in community-based learning at Loyola. In the future, service may be connected to your career, your personal or political values, your religious beliefs, or part of a lifestyle that simply includes giving back. 

Journey toward Justice

Loyola University Maryland is committed to supporting our neighbors and our community to pave the way for a strong future—and to developing students who, as engaged citizens, recognize and value the critical impact their communities have on their development.

Illustration of a head with a heart where the brain would be

Be Mindful

Community service and engagement is a broad experience—one that allows you to further develop your intellect while you help improve the world. So reach out and find meaning through action. Apply classroom learning to community engagement. Prepare your mind, reflect on experiences, and help build a better tomorrow.
Illustration of three people coming together

Find Common Ground

When you consider another person’s perspective—especially someone who is struggling—you begin to see the world differently. Connect with others and discover why it’s important to work toward a more equitable world. Approach every relationship with compassion. Find common ground in a shared humanity—and then work together to create a better community.
Illustration of an open hand with a heart above

Trust in Others

Move beyond boundaries by connecting with the people you serve. Learn to listen to others, expand your outlook, and discover shared experiences through service. You are part of a larger community—learn from it by getting involved.
Illustration of two hands coming together with a sun in the background

Give Yourself

Engage in well-rounded service—by utilizing all parts of your being. Take the time to learn about your strengths, understand your weaknesses, and develop solidarity with those you serve. Better yourself while you help others.

Badge for U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings

Loyola is named by U.S. News & World Report as a Best University for Service Learning. Loyola has also received the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the U.S. government’s highest recognition for community service, for nine years and counting.

Badge for Carnegive Foundation Community Engagement

Loyola received the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, awarded to just 119 higher education institutions across the country that demonstrate national models for community-engaged learning and ensure reciprocal partnerships with local nonprofit, public, and other organizations, for 2020-26.

We all strive for a just and equitable world. It’s in our blood. And we’re betting it’s in yours, too.