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Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer Admission

General Topics

Am I a transfer student?

Loyola considers you a transfer student if you have enrolled in college courses after graduating from high school, regardless of the number of courses you have completed or how many credits you’ve earned.

Can I live on campus?

Yes, Loyola housing is available for transfer students on a space available basis. Transfer students are placed in age/graduation year appropriate housing. Loyola doesn’t offer single, separate, or family housing. Only full-time enrolled students (12+ credits) are eligible for housing. Learn more about transfer housing.

I already have a bachelor’s degree. Can I transfer to Loyola for a second bachelor’s degree in another area of study?

Yes, however, courses that were taken and counted toward a first undergraduate degree generally cannot be counted toward a new degree. You would still need to fulfill all of Loyola’s core curriculum requirements as well as your major courses. You can also apply to be a non-degree seeking student to take classes at Loyola University Maryland.

I work full time. Can I take night/weekend/online courses?

Loyola’s undergraduate courses are mostly taught on campus, during the daytime hours. While we do offer a few night/online courses, students cannot complete an undergraduate degree exclusively in an online format. Loyola does not offer any weekend undergraduate courses.

Application Process

Should I wait until my current semester ends before submitting my application?

No. It’s usually best to submit your application early in your current semester. The admission committee will notify you if they need either mid-term or final grades for your in-progress courses in order to make a decision.

I applied to Loyola when I was in high school. Do I have to submit a new application?

Yes, you will need to submit a new application as a transfer student. You will also need to have your high school send a final transcript that includes your graduation date.

Are there merit scholarships for transfer students?

You will automatically be considered for a Loyola transfer scholarship by submitting your application. You will be notified if you’ve been selected for a Loyola transfer scholarship with your acceptance letter.

What are the values of transfer scholarships?

Transfer scholarships are tuition scholarships ranging in value from $24,000-$33,000 per academic year (fall and spring semesters), and you must be enrolled full-time. Transfer scholarships are renewable for 8 semesters.

Are there any requirements to keep my scholarship once I’m attending Loyola?

Yes, you will need to be enrolled full-time (4-5 courses or 12-15 credits), maintain a Loyola GPA of 2.0, and receive no grade below a C.

Why do I need to submit high school information?

Loyola verifies that all undergraduate degree-seeking students have graduated from high school or been awarded a high school diploma equivalent (GED).

Do I need to submit SAT or ACT scores as a transfer applicant?

No, we do not require SAT or ACT scores for any applicant.

Is there a minimum GPA I need to be accepted to Loyola?

Admission for transfer students is competitive, and the admission committee typically expects applicants to have earned a cumulative college GPA of a 2.7 or higher in all college courses attempted.

What is the Transfer Student Conduct Report form?

Loyola requires a completed Transfer Student Conduct Form from each college you have attended after graduating from high school. Students must complete the applicant information section at the top and submit the form(s) to the Dean of Students at their college(s). The student’s signature authorizes the release of information regarding student conduct and any disciplinary record. The completed form(s) must then be sent by the college directly to Loyola’s Office of Undergraduate Admission by email at

If my current transcript shows courses that were transferred from another college, do I need to send a separate transcript from my first school?

Yes, you will need to have official transcripts sent from every college or university you have attended prior to Loyola. You will also need to have each institution send a Transfer Student Conduct Report Form directly to Loyola.

Can I transfer after only one semester of college?

Loyola will accept second semester first-year students on a case-by-case and space-availability basis.

Can I apply undecided?

No. You must list an intended major for the purposes of course evaluations.

Admission Decisions and Transfer Course Evaluations

When will I receive my decision?

Spring Semester start: rolling notification starts November 1.

Fall Semester start: rolling notification starts mid-April.

When will I know if my courses transfer to Loyola?

A full course evaluation will be sent along with each acceptance letter. It is a checklist of all the courses needed for the major you’ve indicated and what courses taken previously fulfill those requirements.

Which of my courses will transfer?

Courses must be 3 or 4 credit/semester hours, with a grade of C or higher earned, and must have been taken within the last 10 years. Course content is compared to courses offered at Loyola. Health, fitness, remedial, personal development, and many vocational courses will not transfer. Learn more about transferring courses.

How many credits are transferable?

A maximum of 60 credits can be transferred to Loyola.

How many courses will I need to take at Loyola to complete my degree?

A minimum of 60 credits and at least half of all major courses must be taken at Loyola.

Will my current/in progress courses be evaluated for transfer credit?

Yes. All courses on the official transcript, including those in progress, will be evaluated for potential transfer. Transfer courses will not be posted on your Loyola transcript until we have received an official transcript that includes final grades.

Can I receive credit for AP courses, IB exams, or dual enrollment courses I took in high school?

Yes. You will need to have official score reports sent directly to Loyola to be awarded credit, even if your current institution shows credits awarded on your transcript. Learn more about required test scores.

These courses count toward the 60-credit maximum for transfer credit.

Dual enrollment courses taken during high school require an official transcript be sent to Loyola from the credit-granting college or university.

Can I get college credit for my work experience?

Loyola does not award class credit for work/life experience but it will be considered during the admission review process.

I disagree with my course evaluation, what can I do?

The Academic Advising and Support Center will potentially reconsider a course for transfer into Loyola, but often requires additional information, such as a syllabus.

Connect with your Transfer Admission Counselor

Choosing your home for college is a big decision, and we know you probably have questions. Your transfer admission counselor is here to help you throughout your college search and to guide you on your journey to becoming a Greyhound. The earlier you connect with the admission office, the better! This will help you put a transfer plan in place with a transfer admission counselor. Contact us today at