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Non-Degree Applicants

Special Students

Students who have earned four-year degrees and who do not wish to pursue an additional undergraduate degree are special students.

Visiting Students

Students who are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take courses at Loyola are visiting students. Highly qualified high school students who are deemed prepared for rigorous college coursework may also apply as visiting students.

In order to ensure that courses taken at Loyola will transfer to home institution, students are strongly encouraged to seek approval from institution prior to registering.

Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP)

Students enrolled at a college or university within Baltimore’s Collegetown Network may be eligible to take one course per semester at another participating institution through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP). Please note students participating in BSEP do not need to complete an application for admission as a visiting student.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Term: December 1
  • Summer Term: May 15
  • Fall Term: August 15

Submitting Materials

Students should send application materials by email to