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Research and Summer Opportunities

Do Research with a Faculty Member

You can learn to make intellectual and creative contributions to science through undergraduate research. Loyola’s faculty support students’ academic and professional growth in class, in laboratory, and through research. Reach out to faculty in natural sciences and beyond to introduce yourself – and remember that health-related research happens across many disciplines, including psychology, sociology, and global studies. 

Present at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Share your research findings at Loyola’s annual Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Colloquium – and win one of the many judges’ awards. You can choose to do a ten-minute presentation or to present a poster. Note that you can present work during many stages of research process, and you can present outcomes of work that you did outside Loyola. 

Apply for the Hauber Summer Research Fellowship

The Hauber summer research student fellows work side-by-side with natural and applied sciences professors in their areas of interest. You will learn essential research skills, gain experience in academic presenting, and create your own poster presentation.

Apply for Kolvenbach Research Grant

The Kolvenbach research grant gives you an opportunity to work on your own or with a faculty member on a research project that benefits a Baltimore non-profit of your choice. You may engage in this research during the summer or academic year.

Participate in Summer Programs, Internships, and Research

Each year you will receive announcements for national summer programs, internships, and research through the Pre-Health Office’s email list. Here are some places to learn about pre-health summer internship and research placements: